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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby is here..but you already knew that.

Yes, it has taken some time to get me back in front of the computer. I have been in survival mode and plan to remain there until all is back to normal..well in it's own crazy normal way.

On May second we went to the hospital to be induced. I was done, as last recognized in the previous post. My Dr. knew it, my husband knew it, my children knew it and alas, the date was set. My inductions are carefully planned out because I wanted to have a natural birth, I DID NOT want pittosun (sp?), awful stuff if you don't have an epidural and I was not going to go there. So my body has to be ready to do its thing after my water is broken. That part is not so natural, but again, I was done and baby needed to make an appearance. 11:00am my Dr. broke my water and Daniel and I began our long walks around and around the maternity floor. This is our special time to talk without interruptions and just enjoy a visit. For a couple hours we walked and then they needed to check baby's heart rate so I settled into bed for a while. Well then they started, about 2:30 I was contracting pretty regularly and breathing through them without too much effort. So we walked some more...by 4pm I was back in bed with some serious contractions but still had time in between to catch my breath and even doze of a bit. I was having some back labor so my awesome nurse, had me turning over from side to side to flip baby, she was sunny side up and we needed her head looking the other way. Amazingly I felt her turn and labor progressed quickly. After a quick trip to the bathroom, I guess my bladder was holding her up:), I stood against Daniel and got through some pretty tough contractions. Daniel was able to hold my back and breathe deeply with me to help control my breathing. It was amazing to share this experience with my husband. He is such an amazing coach! I laid back down and after another contraction told them she's coming get the Dr.. They wanted to wait but Daniel and I told them that was not a good idea...And at the next contraction here she came! Dr. Foltz ran in and grabbed her at the next contraction. And there she was our beautiful baby girl! Quinn Ryin was born at 5:10pm, 6lbs 13oz, 20in. To see her pictures go to www.jimanddoni.com mama's diary's/Quinn.

Recovery has been difficult but it's only been two weeks. She is a good baby and sleeps allot, which is good for now as the others are busy busy!