...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have five kids...WHAT?

Ya, I know it should be obvious to me. But sometimes it just hits me, usually square in the forehead as I'm sliding through spilled something on the tile floor, or when I get everyone ready to go and Cozette is in the driver's seat with no shoes and uncombed hair..OOps, forgot one!

It's the very funny moments when I'm sitting on the sofa, holding Quinn, and I look around me at five amazing kids. I look at Daniel across the room and we just smile and shake our heads at the chaos. Sometimes the chaos is beautiful and sometimes, I find myself in the middle of a tyraid about watching out to not trip on the folded laundry pile as they march through the living room wearing motorcycle helmets and handmade weaponry. They cannot see the laundry on the floor, they are wearing helmets..of course, I did not realize.
Or...there are times I say things I never saw coming out of my mouth, like,
don't lick your sister.
Stop using my toothbrush for that!
Did you get that out of the toilet or the sink?
And my favorite.. Are you wearing underwear or socks? No? Well, then when we get home from Costco you and your brother can wash them all so I know that you have plenty and can come fully dressed when we venture out....get your hands out of your pants..
Are you wearing shoes? No? Well it's too late to drive all the way home, now young lady, you will have to ride in the cart next to your sister all the way through the store.
Who left the scissors out? ...silence..
Cozy, "I did!"
...No Cozy your the one who used the scissors on your clothes.

It's hard to realize, in the midst of confusion, that these five will one day grow up and be big people with stories to tell. Some days are all about survival. Raw, treacherous, daily survival skill.

These are the longest days of the shortest years of my life..

Dear Lord give me super powers and give me a sense of humor...Amen

Something New

Yes, it's time to explore another passion:)

I know I made it clear in an earlier post, that I despise making lunch. That's only because it falls right after cleaning up breakfast and then right before the dinner rush. It's just a pain to come up with lunch ideas...I don't know if this is reasonable, but it's one of those times in the day I wish I had "Alice". What did Mrs. Brady do anyways?

So on the flip side of hating lunch, I actually really like making dinner. I have my usual dinners, spaghetti, tacos, hamburgers, chicken, steak. I have my fall backs, crock pot roasts, lasagna, ect.. But at least once per week I get creative!

Here is tonight's creation: I stole the idea from Rachel Ray, but added my own adjustments.

I grilled pork chops, sauteed red onions, red and green bell pepper in olive oil with garlic and lemon. Steamed rice and made an avocado spread with parsley, lemon and garlic. And a side of sourdough loaf. MMMMMM mmmmmm! It was so good and had tons of flavors and colors. The kids plates looked exactly like this one, and...to my delight, have learned to not scoff at mom's hard work:). They ate what they liked and complimented me on the pretty plates.

It was sort of like an unmixed Chipotle bowl, but better:)

Avocados and red bell peppers go with everything, except ice cream and chocolate.

I love to grill, so although this recipe called for a pork loin cooked in the oven..I bought the cheaper cut of pork with the bone in, grilled it and then cut it into strips.

So tomorrow night, is a little more risky. Grilled Tilapia with toasted almonds and sauteed bok choy. I may not get the same cooperation at the dinner table.... I might have to make something chocolate for afterwards.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ghetto Greens...

Ok, we did it. It's Ghetto, All the pots are recycled things we painted. Its a little hot still, sooo I'm hoping things sprout. And I've never gardened in containers before.

The kids call it, Our Pot garden!

Haa Haa!

I will post pictures when something sprouts:)

For now, a sideways pic of my helpers...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's my passion?

What are you passionate about?

I'd like to think I'm a passionate person. I love trying new things. With each new thing, there sits an old thing that is forgotten..so for the next few weeks we will explore some things we like to do...When I say "we" I mean me...but you should try it too!

This week...I'm passionate about sleep. I have had less sleep this week than any other in my whole life..you think I'm exaggerating, nope. about 4 hours uninterrupted, then constant interruptions from a 2 year old sleeping on the floor, and sick kids coming in and out with sick tummies...
I promise myself a nap and even when presented with a moment, I turn to the laundry pile and my nap is lost amongst the filthy nasty white socks that seem to creep up out of the laundry basket.

So to begin, I must list the things I'm never passionate about: (unless you count passionately hating something, but we are not counting those things..for now)


My first task is to decide how passionate I am about Gardening.
This house will put it to the test. I live in the city and I want a garden because I supposedly love it. We will see how much I love it, when it is this hard. I don't live in California. So to begin: I'm making it a school project for the kids and using cheap labor from the minors who live with me. Yes, I know, good plan:)
2nd - I have made a list and I am going to attempt container gardening, so I can control the soil. Arizona has terrible soil for veggies after a long Summer.

I always think I love something and for like one whole year I will master it and then, a new love creeps up like sewing, or cake decorating, painting, ect ect.. The problem is I get overwhelmed deciding which thing to do each day and then only do half. So here's to doing one thing good this week.
Oh and the circular stuff I do each day, every day, (laundry, cleaning, feeding people, teaching, yada yada... gets in the way.

So be patient.

My little laborers and I have a plan, it is in writing (3rd grade list making), it is in picture format (Kindergarten art), it has been researched (1st grade computer lab) and so my plan is on the move.
I love having a plan. Hmmm. Am I passionate about plans? These too seem to fall away as a new plan comes up...so we shall see.

Goal 1: Find containers and paint them fun colors
Goal 2: Place them in the yard so it looks cool (Noah's idea)
Goal 3: Plant the seeds
Goal 4: Water it
Goal 5: grow it
Goal 6: Harvest and enjoy yummy organic greens:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some catching up..

Arlo and I had our first ride after Quinn was born! We did great and although the arena was muddy, it was so fun to be back in the saddle!

Braxtyn at Family Camp. She always can find a mud puddle, and due to the weather, they were easy to come by. Daniel took the kids camping while Michelle and I went to the Payson rodeo. We met up on Saturday and drove back Sunday.

We had a special weekend camping with our friends, the Mains. It was lots of fun and of course, we had adventures...A tree was struck by lightening right by our camper. The Forrest service had to come cut down the tree. Michael and Daniel and 7 of the kids were caught in a terrible rain storm at the river and had to wait it out in a cave. All was well and the kids had great stories to tell.

September 11, was Graham's 7th birthday. It was also his buddy, Micah 's 5th birthday. So, Debbie and I took them to see Spy Kids 4. Just the four of us had a special time together and enjoyed the movie!

Quinn is already 4months old. The time is flying by. She is such a sweet baby. She loves to smile and be held. She is very happy and loves her brothers and sisters.

We all spoil her but for now she is always with mommy:) and that's where she likes to be. Tomorrow is daddy's day, so I'm hoping she will treat him nicely...I will only be gone for a couple of hours. Did I mention the other 4 are sick with the flu?

I know, good time to run away right?

No, I'm feeling a bit guilty about it...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My sweet girls

Last night we had a photo shoot for the upcoming CHF calendar. And..my girls will be featured. These are some extra shots we took with just the two of them. They were so sweet and did amazingly well as we had to get both of them, a mare and her filly , Natalie and myself, all looking great of course. Whew..it was tough but I think there are a few with girls smiling, horses ears pricked up and Nat and I fashionistas:).

The best pictures are the ones featured right here!

Braxtyn Funny: Braxtyn was spending the night with her Aunt Sissy and as she was getting out of the bath she suddenly announces that her heart has moved from one side to the other! Aunt sissy asks her why this has happend and Braxtyn says very matter of fact. "God moves hearts".