...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Now I'm really a cowgirl...

Ok, so I thought that just because I sat on top a horse and rode that I was a cowgirl. I spent more time than I'd like to admit on the ground under the horse after a wild ride, I mucked stalls, gotten up at the crack of dawn to feed clean or ride....but nothing compares to today's adventure.

To begin with, Daniel and I decided last year to start raising our own beef...grand idea and very yummy. This year the butcher said to keep our little cow longer so we get more meat. Not the best of fun, he's kinda cute and we start to get attached. Well anyways, he's in a pen that is getting too wet and needs to be cleaned. So we have to let him out into the pasture and then lure him into the next corral with a little food. Daniel did this last time and said he bucked and jumped like a maniac and then ran into the next pen for his food. SO....this morning I get the grand idea to move him back, I need his current pen a Christmas surprise for Graham (that story to come later!)....to do this I must open the back gate and face my 1,000lb black steer with two large horns and hold out a flake of hay and shake the bucket of grain....um ya..ok and talk nice to him to come out and get his food...then I have to beat him to the other gate and throw the hay over the fence into hi new pen so he HOPEFULLY chases the hay instead of me. Um, it seemed easier while I was doing it..ok. So I successfully lure him towards me and the food and sure enough as soon as he exits his pen he starts bucking and jumping and putting his head down, yes horns and all and running for me! I don't really know what i did at that moment, its all blurry but I know that I was out of the pasture and his hay was barely in the other pen and he was half way into where he was supposed to be. I had no idea I could move that fast without screaming. Usually with panic, I scream and jump but I didn't even have time for that. I didn't want him escaping out so I mustered enough courage to run and wave my arms wildly to scare him all the way in.I know...brilliant.. but hey, he bought it and ran away from me to finish his breakfast. Thankfully, he had an empty belly. So now, I can truly call myself a cowgirl...once I stop shaking.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A hair style for Braxtyn..too cute

Braxtyn's hair, its too much fun for me! She is getting so used to me doing it and playing with it that we now play the salon game. She makes up new names for us and we role play, its actually very funny. So I thought I'd push my luck with sponge curlers. Aunt Becky used to do it to Jaime's hair and I thought just maybe she'd go for it! As you can see...she did:)

And the results were well worth it!

Braxtyn: Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry Ty.

Me: You can't marry TY, he's your cousin

Braxtyn: I don't care I love him and he's my buddy. We are going to play Xbox togedder.


Baby's first time in the ocean November 1,2009

A beautiful day at the beach

Carving pumpkins at the beach house

Cozy and uncle Derek

2 Ballarinas, Buzz Light year, and an army man

Fair rides!

Cape Fear Fair

Hot stuff!

Tubing on the Atlantic

The Robert's home from the boat

boys on the boat

What a wonderful time we had!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Off we go!

We are leaving to Wilmington North Carolina! Whoo Hoo! For 8 days we will be visiting our dear friends the Roberts. We miss them so much, after getting to really know them for only a short time before they left us for NC. We are so blessed to get to visit them this year. I don't blame them for leaving us in Phoenix, they now have their beautiful home by the ocean. Our big plan for Halloween is a night at the beach house where we will watch movies, play games and eat our junk food collected the night before at the church festival.
If I could only shorten the travel time to get there and back!
I'll post pictures when we return.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Castles and Coasters..

Isn't life a roller coaster? I was visiting with an old friend last night and we were pondering over our lives this last year. It seemed to both of us that in retrospect so many things could have gone better or smoother and we talked for a length of time on how situations would have been easier on us if certain elements could have changed. There were great things this year too, full of blessings and triumphs. And then so many things that remain the same and feel like time will never change it. So, through all of our stories and bits of advice to each other I have come to one conclusion..Ready?...This is not our home, we are aliens in a world that will never fit us. Even when we feel like there is a fit or something goes right, BAM! we get knocked flat and a new challenge will always arise. I continue to be surprised, not sure why. I know the roller coaster, I get in each day. The problem is I get really involved in all the twists and turns and loop-de-loops and somehow forget its just another ride in the park I'm visiting and that soon, I'll get to go home! Where; in actuality, I get to live for a longer period of time. My life on earth is only a blink in comparison to eternity. Becoming eternally minded is a challenge for earth dwellers, its so easy to get caught up in my life and my feelings always will betray me, and tell me that my failures and disappointments here are all there is and will somehow ruin me. Oh, I don't know how people function, thinking this is it! I'm so thankful I have a home to go to, one that will bring all sorrows and disappointments to joy! I'm also thankful for God, full of Grace and Mercy who gives me pieces of joy and hope here, while I'm waiting.
How do we become eternally minded? It seemed that in the apostle Paul's life, he grasps the eternal and holds fast. " to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians. Most people in the world would consider this a stupid thing to look forward to death. But Paul couldn't wait to see his new home and he came closer to dying on a daily basis, than most of us will, until that day actually comes. He knew the ride he was on was temporary at best. He lived his live for Christ while he was here and couldn't wait to meet Him when it was over. I hope that I am able to reflect on the time I've already lived and say living was about Christ. The truth of the matter is that most the time my living is about me.

So, dear friend, I love you and I hope that in each day you and I will take each situation and turn it into an opportunity to learn or teach in it as Christ leads us and know that this is not all there is. It is only a moment. There is so much greater being prepared for us!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


About a month ago we were fortunate enough to receive free tickets the last home game of the AZ Diamondbacks. Noah absolutely loves baseball. I think Noah gets it from his uncle Rob, because neither Daniel nor I are big professional sport fans. Other than Rodeo, we just don't get into sports too much. But Noah was born with a competitive edge and huge interest in all sports. So we were really excited to be able to quench his interest. We had a great time and my mom and dad went with us. All the kids were so impressed with downtown Phoenix (I guess we need to get out more!), they loved the huge buildings and the new transit system and the Bank One Ballpark was a huge hit! And to make things perfect, The Diamond Backs won.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye Sheep

Baa Baa and Bathsheepa
Baa Baa on her mountain

After some deliberation we decided to sell our little sheep. We love them but they are eating so much and these days our animals need to practically pay for themselves. So the biggest eaters had to go:(. The nice thing is they both went to the same home in Maricopa. The husband and wife that bought them are using them for their wool. They will be sheared regularly and then she will use the wool to sell. Something I had wanted to do but just couldn't find the time. It is very time consuming! so we now have three goats and our pig Wilbur. My horse Arlo, and our chickens, who actually pay for themselves in egg production. our two dogs, Tucker and Bailey and for the time being, Steak, the cow. I will miss our little sheep.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Calendar Photo Shoot

This year for the Cowgirls Historical Foundation calendar, we are doing a patriotic theme. I was really excited when they asked me participate in the memorial shoot. We went to the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery. My Grandpa Morris, and Daniel's Poppy are buried there as well as a very dear friend, Clive Snell. This shoot was very close to my heart. Above are a few shots that will not be in the calendar, I can't publish those until the calendar comes out . The two military officers were Navy and Army men who now work at the cemetary who volunteered to do the shoot with us. And the horse is Ice Man, he was the most photogenic of the group!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Its getting better!

Baby Wise scheduling is my friend, after two days of regular naps and feedings my little girl slept peacefully for two eight hour stretches, I was sleeping in Braxtyn's room and only had to sit up to feed her because Daniel insisted I get some real sleep. Sweet husband! I guess I won't be throwing him off the bed anytime soon! So last night I decided to sleep in my own bed its so much more comfortable. I put her in the glider to try and get a few more hours out of her, nope. After three hours she was up and crying. Daniel is determined to keep her in a sleep pattern he got up placed her in the pac in play in our bathroom (that's were they sleep in a small house without any rooms left! LOL!) and let her cry it out....I of course kept saying I thought she sounded stuffy, do you think she can breathe ok?, she's probably hungry now...he made me stay in bed...after about twenty minutes she fell asleep until 3:30am!!! She went 6 1/2 hours and then I fed her and she slept in her crib quietly until 7:30. So tonight we will do it again until she is hopefully sleeping in longer stretches. It would seem I'm a new mom wondering if this will ever end, when I know that I have three little ones sleeping peacefully from 9-8 each night. It all goes away and then somehow my brain re-sets and I forget all these painfully long nights and blurry days and all I remember is the sweet little baby smiles, cuddles and that sweet newborn baby smell... So in a couple of months when she's sleeping a regular 8-10 hours per night I'll forget the devastation of sleep deprivation!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sleep deprived

As most people know me, I am very active. I have a plan for each day, week, upcoming weekend, even if there is nothing to do, I plan to do something. However, Cozy has plans FOR ME. Its called night time partying. I'm so over this party, I can't tell you how may times I've glared at Daniels' sleeping body. He looks so peaceful I just want to throw him out of the bed and see if he liked getting up at 2am. Please sisters, say you understand! Its my fault, I'm a baby spoiler. I like to hold them all the time, sleep with them, and I hate to let them cry. I always end up here, a baby that wont sleep unless they are fed or rocked or in my bed next to me. And then I go crazy after about 4 months of it. So here I am again, going to let her cry a little to get herself to sleep. I tried this two weeks ago and I gave up before she did. So here I go again. I think if I don't do this Daniel is going to set up a playpen in the other room and do it himself, so his crazy wife will sleep. I think I might let him, until I hear her pitiful crys that I know must be for some good reason...she needs me:). Its Baby Wise time, this book has saved me from sleep deprivation three times now. Why I don't start the books methods at birth, I don't know, but it really works out once I put her on a schedule. I don't even want to hear from you moms who's babies just decide to sleep through the night on their own! (Doni) Oh well, this too will pass!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prescott trip

Our friends, Chris and Mary and their two kids, Gracie and Zane went with us this year on our annual fall road trip and we had so much fun! We started in Wickenburg for breakfast, headed to Yarnell where we toured the dirt roads for our dream horse ranches, played in the creek and enjoyed a rainfall. We then headed to Prescott in search of new dry clothes for the kids! Thankfully there was a Salvation Army with everything we needed including a great jean jacket! We picnicked at the courthouse lawn and then topped of the day with treats from the candy store on main street. Fall is in the air!!

Picture updates

I know this picture is terrible quality, but it cracks me up. This is my Graham at his 5th birthday

Noah took most of these, he loves th camera and finds new ways to capture our lives. He gets it from his Aunt Sissy.

getting canned

No we did not lose our jobs, on the contrary..we are getting better at them!
Some of us girls are getting back to the basics. We have big plans that include growing and grinding wheat, milking goats and canning. So yesterday Jodi and I spent the afternoon making our own apple sauce and apple pies from scratch. We had a great time doing it and it was oh so yummy! We spent all day and only yielded 4 jars of sauce and two pies, but hey, it was our first attempt and there was a lot of Internet research to do beforehand.
What did our great grandmothers do without the Internet and microwaves.
So anyways, back to the basics right??

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby love..

She loves her hands
At the zoo

I love this outfit! She is making a funny face:)

With Daddy on a camping trip.

Tori has taken a new interest in baby dolls and the other night she could not get enough of her baby cousin. Her mommy was not allowed to hold Cozy but Tori didn't want to let her go!