...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Christmas card blogger

Merry Christmas

From the

Zimmermann Family

Noah, is a good big brother. He takes being the oldest very seriously and enjoys being a big help around the help and to Daniel. He has been learning how to hunt with his bow and arrow and is looking forward to next year, when he can get a deer tag! He loves to read, he reads about a book a day, mostly mysteries. The Hardy Boys and The A-Z Mysteries are his favorites. He just started a new math program on the computer and is loving being more independent. The three older kids are attending a Home School class once per week in Mesa. It's a free enrichment program that offers music, art, computer, PE, Science labs and writing. Noah, is really enjoying his computer and science classes. He is a huge help these days, I think Quinn likes him as much as she likes me! He is constantly "on baby watch", he seems to like it. Everyone loves to babysit Quinn, more or less. Cozette, seems to think that includes; feeding her "people" food, spinning her excersaucer around and around and dragging her by her arms across the tile. Not such a help, thankfully I have three older ones to help me keep Quinny safe.
Graham, last year, was having a hard time with letters and numbers. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia this last September. Since then, I have been working with him with some occupational therapies and lots of figure eight patterns. Since September, he has mastered all the letters of the alphabet and is reading three and four letter words and beginning to recognize sight words. He has a super attitude about learning and his eagerness to read and write is furthering him still. I'm so proud of his progress. It has been no easy task and he just really works so hard for it! He loves his horse Gunny and helps Uncle Josh with some horseshoeing. He usually has two things on his mind, horses and food!
Braxtyn, is amazing at most things. She writes songs and sings, she loves Justin Beaver (Beiber), and girly things. She wears dresses most often and jewelry to match. She is very dramatic and always has a quick smart response. We have learned to argue with her away from a mirror, it seams if she can see herself she will give an even better performance with the argument! She is doing 1st grade work with Graham and loves her school day on Wednesdays. Her teacher, Mrs. Wallen has bragged about her eagerness to learn and how quickly she acclimates to change. She has been taking gymnastics and really loves to do cartwheels and handstands around the house!
Cozette, is my busy body these days. She is 2, ans that just comes with the territory! She finally beginning to speak in sentences. Daniel and I have both been surprised at her quick sense of humor and ability to communicate exactly what she needs with only ten or so words! She is a sunshine girl, she loves the mornings and is rarely unhappy. Unless she is tattling on her siblings, which she has quickly learned to do. She has a love for all her brothers and sisters and seems to try to keep the peace between them and comfort them when they are sad. Especially her sissy, Braxtyn. She is not one to be left out and tries to do everything by herself. And this week has decided to be potty trained. We'll see, but I think she's pretty serious about it!
Quinn, is 7 month old and learning to crawl. She mostly inch-worms across the floor, but she very fast! She is eating baby food and screams if you don't feed her fast enough. She is very vocal and loves to be entertained by her siblings. She is very mommy attached at the moment and won't let many people pull her away from me. I don't mind it, I'm savoring these baby moments and they are flying by so quickly. She slept 7 hours last night, and I'm hoping we are on to a new trend, called sleep, very soon!
Daniel and I are enjoying the daily chaos, not so much the daily grind..but they pretty much go hand in hand! He is working hard and enjoys his job. He has been hunting as much as possible and loves taking the kids out to hike the mountains. I have been keeping busy with home schooling the kids, laundry, cooking and even fitting in some fun with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation. I try to get in a few rodeos and special events throughout the year. We are looking forward to the year ahead and whatever it may bring! We just never know where this journey will take us next!
Merry Christmas 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three girls and a souper night

Three girls = Sweetness, drama, laughter and triple the need for coordinating dresses and shoes

Baby, It's cold outside
Time for soup and bread
Homemade bread with butter and sliced elk meat steaks with a creamy potato soup with broccoli and carrots. I haven't had cream soup in so long..it was very tasty. I used almond milk instead. It was good, but a little sweeter than with regular milk. The elk steaks were left overs from the night before. Brittany had marinated them in something awesome and they tasted better than beef steaks. Can't wait for our elk meat to be processed! Brittany shot a huge elk this weekend, just for me :)

Christmas has made its way into our house and all the decorations are up. with all this space I had to get a second tree! I have been wanting a smaller tree for all of our western ornaments. Now if I can only find the rest of our other ornaments..they were falling out of a box as we moved in. I placed them in another small box and marked it. And of course, now I cannot find it! Hopefully it will turn up as we organize the garage. I think we will finally finish moving in!

Hope you have a "souper" night as well!