...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can I tell you something?

I'm tired, yep it happened. The pre-delivery, I'm so tired I'm out of my mind, has happened. I have this list. The kind that grows as you think of things throughout the day..ugh. Anyways, I lost the list and I don't even care. Actually, I feel better.

I have been in labor since Sunday, my body is making the most of this...

Oh thank you body, I had nothing else better to do, than labor for a week. I'm at 3cm and 70% and contracting each night inconsistently..If I were a first timer, I may have headed to the hospital last night, but knowing better I resisted the urge to charge in to the L&D and demand them retrieve this child at once! So today, I did get the tire changed and ate at McDonald's which, yes gave me heartburn:). And I am now sitting relaxing by my computer while the children are either sleeping or watching an educational movie, The Karate Kid. It makes me feel better to think they are learning Spanish or something rather than how to karate chop one another. Survival mode has begun, to the point where my dad came to me this morning and said cancel dinner prep., I'm bringing home Pei Wei. I cried a happy tear and then did a happy dance as I cleaned the kitchen for the one and only time today...

Tomorrow: chiropractor and a pedicure. I will not admit to how long it has been since I've had a pedicure or the fact that it doesn't matter, I cannot see my toes without a lot of effort anyways. However, as I stare at them while I deliver this baby, I would be sad if I didn't get one. It's one of those things that becomes an aggravating focal point as we count backwards from ten.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cowgirl Bust'in some Mutton

Braxtyn, she is one of my favorite girls in the whole world. I have a long list, but for some reason this picture just reminds me of why I love her.

She was the last to ride out of all the 4yr. olds, about 15 of them. She watched them ride, get stomped on, cry and chicken out. But she waited holding her daddy's hand until it was her turn. She told me in the car, that she wasn't sure she was going to do it. I told her just to let me know whichever she decided and that was OK.

Braxtyn: Mom, I'm going to ride that sheep.

Me: OK, if you want to you can.

Braxtyn: I don't know. I like sheep, they are cute, but they're a little bitey.

Me: I've never had a sheep bite me or seen one even try.

Braxtyn: OK, I'm going to do it. You can pay for me.

So, we paid. And Daniel and I had our suspicions that if our little girl had a hard time walking down the aisle as a flower girl, she might not want to climb in a chute, climb on a huge sheep and ride. We were wrong. Something happens to my little princess when the dress comes off and the boots and jeans go on. She won 4th place and got stomped on the knee, but walked away with a big purple ribbon and matching knee. The rodeo queen carried her out of the arena and that was a highlight for her. This picture was actually taken by that very rodeo queen and sent to us.

So far she wants to be a rodeo queen, trick rider, and drill team rider; a ballerina, a movie maker and a puppy seller. She has much to accomplish and I know that my little determined girl, will do anything she sets her mind to it.

A quote to leave with you:

Braxtyn: I work everyday because I need to what I need to do.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Needs met...

God knows me and knows how to answer a prayer when it's time. I'm so thankful for that, I'm thankful that I don't make these decisions. Most days I wish I was making them, but truly god knows better. Yesterday I found an amazing deal and I am a happy girl and get to go where I want when I want! Today..we went to Kid to Kid and found a great baby swing for less than 1/2 the price, new shoes for Noah, bathing suits for the girls, some nursing tops for me and many other little goodies that I'm so excited about! I love to find great deals and bargains, so this was kind of shopping trip. And lastly, Quinn has dropped and I'm 1cent. dilated..all about on track for me at 36 weeks. Which probably means I will have her the first week of May sometime. 4 weeks and counting!

Monday, April 4, 2011


So...in my head when I prepare for a new baby, I get this "NEED" thing that happens. It just takes me over. I need to paint, sew, clean, decorate and buy things the baby and I must have...Daniel is used to this neurotic side of me during pregnancy. He attempts to pacify me with a trip to Babie's R Us to look or buy one special thing for the new baby. Unfortunately it only tempts me more. With baby #1, this emotional need sometimes referred to as "nesting", was easily quenched. We needed everything. However, baby #5 not so much. I pretty much have everything and "need" nothing. Ho hum. I suppose 5 diaper bags, two bouncy chairs, tons of girl clothes...ect.. should suffice, right? NO! So in my attempt to just look, I have purchased new pacifiers, little white onesies and button shirts that I am currently embellishing, a bottle, 2 new nursing tops, and I have shopped numerous times at Target. Perusing the baby aisle for anything new they might of invented while I wasn't pregnant. Amazingly, they have...I don't feel so badly when I buy one of these new, can't live without items, because I know that eventually Brittany and Michelle will have babies. What kind of sister-in-law would I be if I didn't pass down the "I can't live without collection"?? I know that in my attempt to complain, without whining, you can hear the whining behind the keyboard. I do look forward to the tears and neurotic behavior to go away, but I know I have at least a few more months of it, including the post-partum fun.

Here is a riddle... I sent the kids to turn on channel 8 for Braxtyn, so they could finish school in peace. Now I'm finding peace because they have all taken the liberty to watch Word Girl. Hmmm. Do I bring them back to work on school, or do I take a nap with Cozette and allow the peace to reign???