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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Zimmermann's Big Move #zimmsmovetothesticks

So here it is! We're moving! To the sticks..yep, to a little tiny town called Camp Verde. It's still in Arizona and is actually the first place my dad's mother's family settled, before Arizona was a state. (just got your history lesson in today) It's one of the few towns in Arizona to have its very own river that runs all year and most properties near the river are irrigated, which for a dessert dweller is a BIG DEAL! It also has about 3 of the 4 seasons, I'm used to just 2, Summer and Spring.

It's been a LONG.SLOW. process. We've been in escrow now for 90 days, yep 90. Thanks to this amazing USDA loan, we've had lots of circus type, fire ringed, people eating lions on the other side, loops to jump through. So at this point, we still don't have the keys but I've been promised that I will by Thursday. And well I just couldn't help myself.
 I'm showing the far away picture because this house needs some love. The light blue, rust and orange color scheme must go. But it has good bones and lots of character! Oh did I mention lots of green!
 This is the back yard...yes you do spy a river running through it! No, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford do not regularly fly fish here, I checked.
 The front yard view is pretty too, we just need a wrap around porch so we can sip on sweet tea in rocking chairs. (working that into the blueprints)
And just one more of the back yard, because its dreamy and I'm excited to host some pretty extreme parties down by the river.

SO just a sneak peak of the interior:
I know your hoping to get that black southwest metal art for Christmas this year. Careful what you wish for! I'm also guessing your hoping I'll share the color of rust that is all over those walls. I wish I knew because I would.

Being an hour away from life here in town will be an adjustment for all of us but one were ready to get used to for a slower, quieter life in the country.

I will be posting updates on the renovations...stay tuned!