...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

bountiful harvest

Since I finally have my camera I took some pictures of my recent harvest. I have been so pleased with our food. I wish now that I had grown about three more plots of it so I could can and freeze it for the rest of the year. This next winter I am planning on it! It has also helped my kids eat their vegetables. They have worked so hard on this with me that they are eating the zucchini, tomatoes and corn like little pros! I'm even eating fresh sliced tomatoes, I would have never done that before:) My green beans and okra are sprouting up so I'm hoping in the next few weeks we will have that to add as well and of course some yummy watermelon!

Daniel and I have a really hard time growing things around our porch, the animals pretty much eat everything and now with Rosie we have no chance! We found these awesome metal flowers and cactus in Cave Creek yesterday. Daniel is going to try and make some more so we can have a year round garden around the house, it saves a lot of watering too!

You can see below I mostly have fake flowers in the pots, the metal flowers look so much neater, like artwork instead.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A healing scar and a new break

He's was very proud of the new cast yesterday, however today the novelty already wore off. We are trying to think of fun things to do without promoting further injury and no swimming. We went to see UP! today and tomorrow we are off to Micheal's craft store to purchase some craft supplies and projects to fill time. The best news about this cast is it's only on for three weeks! Half the time I thought it would be.

Lots of contractions, no baby! Trying some acupressure and lots of walking...we'll see:)

I got a camera, just a simple one but I'm so excited! It's the Kodak Easy share, I found it on sale and had a gift card, so it worked out perfect:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When we said we needed a break...this is not what I meant!

Yesterday at the Doctor appt., Daniel and I had a few moments to ourselves. My mom had met us at the office and was playing with the kids in the grassy area behind PV hospital. As soon as the appt. was over, my mom called Daniel's cell phone. That usually means trouble.. they don't call unless there's trouble. My Dr. had just given good news, I am 2+ dilated and she is low and ready to come any time...And then my mom tells Daniel I think Graham broke his arm. We rush downstairs and out to the place they were playing. The hospital security is there giving Graham an ice pack. Graham is such an over reactor we weren't sure how hurt he really was. The boys had been running around playing tag and when Noah ran by and tagged Graham's arm he grabbed his arm and fell to the ground screaming. I know this sounds awful, but Graham is extremely dramatic and if there is any attention to be had he will scream and say he can't move his whole body when he gets hurt. SO poor baby was getting so many questions and probing to see what was really wrong. Daniel tried to lift the left wrist and said, its actually really hurt. Daniel had to leave for a quick work meeting and since we were right at the hospital, convenience was on our side and security gave Graham and I a ride to the ER entrance around the corner. He had calmed down and was just holding it close to him, he was being so quiet and brave I began to to hope it was just a sprain. My mom had to take Noah and Braxtyn to Walgreens because somehow, Noah got in the car and we left without his shoes!! Nice, I'll bring shoeless broken children into the hospital! As Graham I sat there I was able to just snuggle my second born and love on him. Sometimes when things like this happen you get a wider perspective on your feelings and your precious children. I of course began to wonder about God's timing, we had just made a trip like this two weeks ago to the day, for Braxtyn's stitches and the bills were arriving quickly. Daniel and I have self-employed insurance and it is pricey when it comes to emergencies. So as we sat there the security guards had to take a report, they were very sweet about it. I was joking with them about the last report we did at Montezuma's castle just a few months back when Noah broke his finger. They said there Risk Manager would call me and just check on him this week sometime. Well, the risk manager just happened to be there and she came out to see how Graham was because we were waiting so long. She left and then shortly came back and ask if they had taken my insurance card yet. And then she said well, let's let them bill your insurance but we will cover all of the co pays and other expenses. He got hurt on our property and I'm just going to turn this into insurance. ..........I just couldn't believe it. My eyes welled up and I thanked her over and over, I told her it wasn't necessary but what a blessing.. I just sat there stunned and thanked the Lord for that gift. It made me feel a bit guilty, I know they do that to keep people from being so lawsuit happy. That actually would have never crossed my mind. Although , who knows the way she did it seemed genuinely just like a blessing. So I am going to just thank Lord for it!
My mom returned with shoes and we finally got into a room for x-rays, Daniel returned and we found out Graham broke both his wrist bones cleanly across. They wrapped it and we returned home to call our good friends, the orthopedic specialists. We have an appointment today at 2:30 for casting. Please pray that he is able to stand this next 6 weeks, no bike riding and no swimming during the hottest two months!
I guess stress is not a factor into sending me into labor. Maybe I should try resting!

Just to clarify dad's comment - Noah broke his leg when Braxtyn was about 6 months old. I think this timing is a bit easier.:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

39 weeks and counting...

I've done my best to induce this labor, but it seems she's sticking it out. I've been in gradual labor for a while, lots of contractions even for hours at a time and then they just stop. That part is tiring and makes me a bit irritable. I see my doctor tomorrow so I'm hoping he can tell me if my body is progressing or not...not that it matters, she'll come when she's ready. However, tonight was absolutely incredible. What great weather we've been given the past four days. Since Friday it has been just great. So tonight we grilled ribs and I grilled my homegrown zucchini, boiled my homegrown corn and we sat outside and just enjoyed the scenery around us. What a special time to spend with our children. We went on a walk afterwards trying to get the baby moving, it was futile but relaxing anyways. I'm just trying to take it all in with the three, before we add four! I'm trying to just relax and enjoy this time of waiting. My problem is, I'm not a good waiter... As you can imagine my hands have stayed busy and each room is clean right now, the laundry is mainly caught up and I'm going to start repairing the moses basket. I've spent most for my gift cards and having fun picking out little tiny girly clothes. I even enjoy buying things like bottle scrubbers, pacis, diapers and bath time soaps. I'm actually looking forward to being up at night with just her to feed her and change her. Although exhaustion will win, I am still wanting that time. The boys are soooo anxious, Noah keeps talking to my belly and telling her to come out. Graham and him are going to be such great big brothers. Braxtyn is very excited and although she can't quite verbalize her excitement, she includes Cozette in all the things we have planned for the rest of the year. We have been planning her birthday party and she keeps talking about Cozette being there. I am so upset about not having a camera right now, I can't find it STILL! I know Doni will come to the hospital for some close up shots, but I hate to not catalog things myself too. I am finally reaping some of the hard work that went into my garden and I can't even take any pictures!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Braxtyn is following in Noah's footsteps...yikes, those two are reckless little players! They just go for it when having fun and don't look back! Last week I dropped the kids off with Jennah while I headed to my Dr. appt., As soon as arrived Daniel, who was supposed to be meeting there called and told me they were headed to Mendy's Place Urgent care. I quickly re-scheduled my appt. and drove like a madwoman to the hospital, Braxtyn needed stitches in her chin. She had been laying in the hammock near Jennah and the boys and she just flipped over, getting her shoes caught in the netting and it just slammed her little face against the concrete. Poor Baby! When I got to the hospital we were treated by one of the very sweet nurses who took care of Noah when he broke his leg. And she was great with Braxtyn. Unlike Noah, Braxtyn was not taking this very well and the Dr. ended up having to burrito wrap her on the table during 7 stitches on the bottom of her chin. As she was wrapped up that way she screamed the entire time. It was very traumatic and she was not going to give up and relax at any point. At some point near the end she just started yelling angrily to them to get off her, and leaver her alone and then told them she didn't like them!! As soon as they were done and she was freed from her wrap she immediately calmed down and was very pleasant to everyone.. moral of the story Do NOT TIE THIS GIRL DOWN! I've known that since she was a baby, I'm like that and so is my mom so its no surprise that when she was an infant she'd scream in her car seat while being strapped in. I tried to get some pictures of this little wound, but camera is missing!! (does anyone have it??)
Anyways, that was Tuesday and by Friday we went to have them removed, she did better that time, they didn't wrap her! They did glue it shut just in case and good thing because Saturday night she hit her shin and it opened a bit and bled everywhere! By last night it looks re-sealed though. Whew! I did not want to revisit more stitches...