...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Monday, May 25, 2009


I am now 37 weeks pregnant, I am now very ready to have this baby! Thankfully we have been busy each weekend and with each family event passing I look forward to another weekend milestone. I have always gone into labor or been induced on the weekend. So I weekends are milestones for me. And again, I'm due on a Saturday, June 14th! I was hoping to go early of course but I think she's pretty comfortable in here. She is becoming less active each day as she and I grow. This last weekend was Daniel's and my 12th wedding anniversary! We didn't plan too much this year, usually we go to California for the holiday weekend. This year we farmed out the kids to their prospective cousin! Noah was with Tanner, Graham with Zane and for the first time spending the night on her own, Braxtyn was very happily with Karsyn. And no, she never missed me! Daniel and I rented movies, got Olive Garden to go and lounged in our neighbors pool, it was very relaxing and probably the last parents only weekend we will have for a while!This coming weekend is my brother, Troy and my new sister in law Veronica's wedding and then Sunday is our church baby shower. I knew I needed to make it to this weekend! However, after that all bets are off.

Last week Doni came over to take pregnancy pics and I am so excited about them!!!! I think I love about 75 and I am going to have to narrow them down to make a book and a family photo. I need more wall space! If you want to see about 9 days worth of our photo shoot go to http://www.jimanddoni.com/ / mamas diaries. They will be posted from today on...

Friday, May 15, 2009

candlewax, mud and baby clothes

I'm 36 weeks pregnant on Saturday. This is the time my mind goes, and my hormones build to crazy levels. I am pretty bent on getting things prepared for the baby, and wouldn't you know it, my husband and kids don't have any idea why I'm cleaning out from under the sinks, throwing out unwanted toys, making everyone clean out from under the beds and out of their drawers. Not to mention my need to get out all the newborn clothes from storage, and Braxtyn's 3yr old clothes from Karsyn and Kacy for her this summer. Not to mention the bathrooms must be clean at all times and the vacuum lines on the carpeting. No, I cannot do this on my own at this point so Daniel has been coming home to tend with my small list of major needs:) As well as visits from mom, grandma and Friends.
It was this last Tuesday that my grandma came over and we boxed up all of Braxtyn's 2 year clothes and unboxed all her new hand-me downs from Karsyn, yes that takes care of her clothing needs! We are so spoiled, I think Braxtyn had 7 bathing suits last year and more than that this year, she has a closet filled with dresses and I can't even put all her shoes in her cabinet! Jodi and I buy a lot of shoes:) Braxtyn thinks its Christmas as she opens all her new clothes and since they are from Karsyn, they are barely worn and never stained. Braxtyn kept exclaiming "Oh me Gosh!!" and putting her hands over her mouth. She couldn't keep up changing from one outfit to another as we found new favorites! Thank you Jodi!! I also unloaded the Braxtyn's baby clothes, and can I say that unless they have invented even cuter clothes than three years ago, I have all the clothes I might ever need for twins, let alone one single baby girl! This was a huge job of re-stacking clothes and finding the drawers to now hold two little girls clothes in one room.. it took us all day! I was so exhausted during Braxtyn's nap time I ignored her call for me and wished she's just go back to sleep for a little while. My wish came true and she was sleeping for another hour! Nope, come to find out, not sleeping... When she came out of her room she smelled of Baby powder, but there was no baby powder in the room...Wait, the candle in the back of the baby's dresser. Somehow the candle had become sticky and she had not only gotten into it, she had gone through the clothes and shoes, and spread candle wax into the dresser and her hair. She saved the clothes naturally. He hair was so full of wax I could twist it up all over her head and it would stay!

Yeah, I cried...all my work of the day on the floor, candle wax in her hair and I had no ideas on getting it out. Thankfully my friend Mary is a hair dresser and after a tearful phone call I began pouring straight vinegar on her hair and washing vigorously with dish soap. I was pulling chunks of wax from each strand!! After about two more washes that night it was brushable and like straw.
Skip ahead the very next day...Graham and Braxtyn were outdoors playing while I was teaching Noah. And my rose water had run over creating the most glorious mud you've ever seen.. The pictures tell the rest of the story and come to find out... mud helps remove wax from hair... BTW - that was a new dress from Karsyn, not sure if I will be handing the same quality down to sisterLOL!

Our conversation when I found them:

Me - Graham why were you rolling in the mud?

Graham - Wilbur does it and we were being like little pigs!

Braxtyn - Yeah, yike yittle piggys!

Me - Well it looked like fun, but now I have to wash you in the cold pool before you get a warm bath.

Graham - NO!

Me -you will clog my bath if I put you in now

Graham and Braxtyn - Ahhh its so cold I need a warm shower!!

Me - Smiling LOL! Don't worry they had nice hot showers afterwards!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We have a new addition to the ranch...for a while anyways. Noah named him steak and Braxtyn says, " hims name is steak and I'm gonna eat him". I don't know if she gets this whole idea, but she's not too worried about him. On the other hand, she loves her goat Rosie. Everyday she finds her and tries to think of good snacks to bring her. I would say however, that Rosie is Daniel's favorite pet. he actually gets mad at me when I lock her up in her pen. He tells me that the other goats don't let her eat and that she should be roaming free. Ok, but when you have to keep her out of visitor's cars and pull her out of the house when the kids forget to close the door all day, then we'll talk. No, that doesn't bother him, I think he prefers her sitting next to him on the porch rocker! I'll have to try and catch a picture of Daniel playing the guitar on the bench with Rosie cuddled up to him. It's pretty funny, I'll I hear is hillbilly music playing in my head! And some kind of "If you were a red-neck..."!

Anyways, its warming up and things are growing and buzzing around here. Including my huge belly! Cozette is very active these days and I am realizing that rest throughout the day is essential for a comfortable evening. My body is definitely telling me to take it easy. I have a hard time slowing down, by brain doesn't know how or something. Kristi, is constantly telling me to just sit and relax, stop planning, stop always doing. So what do I do? I slow it down during my wake time, so then within a couple of nights my dreams become so vivid and realistic that I am starting a science fiction novel from them! No seriously, I have this entire sci-fi premise for a pretty great book. I don't think I'm talented enough to actually write it, but the story line is quite fun. I think this type of activity will probably lead to some kind of Alzheimer's, I move from one thing to the next in such quick progression that soon I wont be able to put all the pieces together! I think the Lord is working on me to be more one track minded:) I positive that if I could remain as busy with God as I am with life in general, that I might have some things figured out by now!