...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Apache Junction Rodeo

(My cheering section!)

Friday was my first try at being a part of a drill team. It was rainy day to try, but thankfully Arlo took good care of me! I had a great cheering section too! For those of you who might not know what a drill team is, I'll explain and then the pictures will make sense. Basically a group of girls and their horses perform a fast pace drill in the arena to music, to get the crowd ready for the rodeo to begin. We also stood as pivots for the grand entry to come in the arena.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures from our trip to North Carolina

The new add for little guys underwear!

What a great trip we had! The flight was amazingly easy with all the kids, I couldn't complain. They played and slept through an 8 hour day of travel. When we arrived we just played with our friends, ate a lot of food, and got to play in the ocean.

Noah, Graham and Caleb in front of the snakes!

Caroline Roberts

All six kids at the aquarium

Backyard on the water

Now its all making sense, as to why I'd drag all the kids across country to visit!

The Robert's home
(Can't you see Scarlet O'Hara walking those steps!)

The Farrier Aprentice

My brother Josh, is a professional horseshoer or Farrier. My boys look forward to his visits to shoe our horses and none love it more than, Graham! He puts on his chaps and gets to work. He stays out there with uncle Josh the full two or so hours it takes to get the job done! All he wants for his birthday is a hammer like uncle Josh has!

New Pictures

Puppy sitting, Tigger. I couldn't get three kids to sit still for a picture, let alone a puppy!
Snow bunny! Yep, it gets cold enough here. We had snow on our mountain for a day!

"The pirates who don't do anything" LOL!

Daniel got his deer! Archery right in our backyard! Unlike Aimee, I tend to stay home on these adventures! But I love the homegrown deer meat.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to find the ideal wife...

Last night, Daniel and the kids stayed at West World with me while I had a drill team practice. While we were warming up the horses, a young girl about Noah's age, was running at full speed around and around the arena. She was so cute and a very accomplished rider for just 6 years old. My boys were of course, immediately taken with her. They played together for the two-hour practice and during this time made some pretty serious moves, that even the older Zimmermann men would be proud! I of course am worried out of my mind!!
So Noah went with the, "I'm too cool for you" approach; and during his fantastic demonstration of all the Power Rangers and break dance moves he could possibly do, the little girl stared on completely unimpressed and stated flatly, she did not like boys. So Noah of course, out of breath says coolly, " oh yeah, I don't like girls either".

Graham took a very different approach, I think he was quite enamored with her abilities to ride and her love for horses, so there was just one more question to ask this beautiful, blonde, 6 yr old, woman of his dreams. So he looked at her at quietly asked, " Can you cook?"

Yes, we agree this might be the smartest thought out "pick up" line ever, for a young boy of three, who loves his food!!LOL!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentines Party

We had our annual kids only valentines party February 14th at our house this year. It was a great time and the kids were so good! We missed Karsyn and Tanner and Ty. There were still 8 children and 2 adults. Although we were outnumbered we had a great time. Before, I was mentioning a menu change fortified with hidden vegtibles, well I did it and it worked like a charm! I made macaroni and cheese with cauliflower and about 1/2 the kids liked it, it was homemade and I think it would have gone over better just sneaking the cailiflower into regular Kraft mac and cheese from the box. But they all ate the lowfat yogurt and lemon ice cream sandwiches and best of all they LOVED the chocolate cake filled with beets! It really was amazingly good. Most of all they played together and shared valentines cards they made for each other and we played a great game of "who could pop the baloons that fastest" they were sitting, jumping, rolling and laughing trying to make them pop! It was hysterical! What fun to see all these precious little ones grow up together and have so much fun with each other.

Grace in my head and elephants on the fence

Friday night Noah was leaving us for a sleep over with Jennah. He was so excited and very hyper that day, so there were little instances of misbehaving and complaining that the day was moving too slow! When we finally got to drop him off, Daniel had his usual talk with the kids. Use your manners, obey the parents, be kind, and if there is somehting that they do, that we don't, stand up for yourself and tell them that your mommy and daddy don't let you do that(not that we were real concerened about it at Aunt Becky's house:)). So Noah looks seriously at Daniel and tells him he will, he just had to keep that Grace in his head. I'm not sure what grace means to Noah, but for sure he is listening to how much Jesus loves him!

Last weekend we were at out neighboors house and Noah was trying to tell a joke, he didnt' know how to give the punch line, he thought if the first line was silly enough that was a good joke. So we didn't get it, but our neighboor decided to teach Noah a real joke so maybe he'd understand punch lines. What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? Time to get a new fence! Noah was not really impressed, he thought his joke about cars eating trees was much funnier. Well I guess he will get jokes when he's older....except the next day as Daniel was backing our trailer against our fence, he hit the fence and got the trailer stuck in it. Daniel and Noah were working to untangle the mess and Noah says. "Sometimes its a joke and sometimes its not, right Dad". Daniel ask Noah what he meant and Noah says, "Sometimes its like an elephant really does sit on your fence". After laughing at his best joke yet, we realized Noah gets the punch line just fine! Such a Zimmermann boy!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Headed to the East Caost Again..I'm sure this time!

I should re-post that old blog about leaving for North Carolina. After the last trip got cancelled, I couldn't let it go! So we re-booked for this week. The kids and I leave Saturday. I'm as ready as I can be and we are really excited! Please pray for calm kids and a quick flight with no travel delays on Saturday and Thursday!