...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Big Thank you!


Thank you...
...for making the grocery list, shopping, finding discounts and deals, remembering to buy gluten or lactose free, selecting the sparkling cider for the kids, and remembering two kinds of whipped cream.

...for cleaning the house, even the bathroom you usually ignore, in time for company or family.

...for getting up early on the holiday to start the turkey while everyone else sleeps in.

...for making a huge mess in your kitchen and then cleaning it up on what is a day off for most people.

...for the lovely table setting, the well-timed coordinated finish of all the dishes.

...for hosting or being hosted and not minding either.

...for bringing your best pie or side dish to your mother-in-law's, and driving on the busiest travel day of the year.

...for stopping to help a sad child, for changing a diaper, for putting up with grouchiness and hungry tummies while the real meal is cooking, for being taken for granted.

Thank you for being the glue of the family, the backbone of tradition, and for the cheerful way you hunker down to create memories and meals.

Thank you for what is hidden from view (how you let the insult slide, how you held back a snappy retort, how you stood up for yourself inside).

Thank you for doing what is expected, even if you wish it weren't expected of you.

Thank you for caring and carrying on tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving week!
 This was sent to me and written by Julie Bogart (author of Bravewriter.com)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Crazy Days with a cherry on top...

Days before the holidays are filled with fun and excitement and chaos. I documented a few moments.

Just so we're clear, my cover picture with everyone dressed in their best and smiling politely is how we look most days...ok I'm lying.
 Noah filled the dishwasher with dish soap - not dishwasher soap
 I think this piture really is how I look most days!
 Ready for her big musical review with MoezArt productions
 Cozy with our favorite Fall Book
How To Make an Apple Pie and See The World
 At Grandma and Grandpa's ranch with Gunny
 A Beautiful hike..Noah helping Quinn
 Kindle time for Quinn, while I teach the older kids school
The owner and designer and creative genius behind the Bizy Girls brand (or soon to be brand, watch out designers this girls up and coming)
I'm super excited to plan Thanksgiving this year The following is  my check list:
1. Coerce the kids to help me clean the house and not mess it up for at least two hours. I've only cleaned the house 102 times this week, so it's obviously still a mess.
2. Order the groceries on line which means they deliver and I get a free turkey
3. Coerce strong husband to move the trampoline and the hang outdoor lighting (I will have to pay for this :) )
4. Schedule in payment for thus said heavy lifting ;)
5. Bake 6 pies with 5 children under 11. It's kind of like asking chimps to clean your house while taunting them with bananas.
6.  Call Squanto and ask him to assist.
7. Possibly take up drinking so the Pictionary game is a fun thing to do with my family.
Ok, in all reality I like challenges, so this should be fun!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Twinkle lights and pumpkins

This year we are just ready for the "Twinkle"

Braxtyn, Graham, Noah and I have been increasingly involved in MoezArt Productions this year. I blame practicing for a Christmas play every Monday night has to have something to do with it. I also have been Christmas shopping early, planning a huge dinner and I think I've baked a pie or some dessert with pumpkin in it, every week since September.  Something about this year just sings, Christmas. It couldn't be the weather, so it must be the twinkle.

I think it might have been Meg Ryan's fault. She always puts me in the holiday mood...When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail. All the movies I watch religiously every fall.
The sooner I begin playing Christmas music, the sooner it takes me back to some of my most precious memories. As soon as I hear Amy Grant singing Sleigh Bells, I am right back in the downstairs of my parent's home where I grew up. I'm making Christmas ornaments with my mom and decorating our tree. Every Bing Crosby song takes me to my first date on my sixteenth birthday with Daniel. At the zoo for Zoo Lights, sitting by the lake wondering if this guy will every figure out he's supposed to marry me. When Frank Sinatra sings Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, I am back in Central Park walking hand in hand with Daniel, hoping this date never ends. I could go on and on and on..the list is endless and beautiful.
 As an adult, I swore to never get bitter or angry with my friends the Holidays. I swore to love them and keep them special for our whole family, even when things got crazy. And well, things got crazy. But, I've kept to my word and for me these are the times to continue to look forward to. The twinkle lights and the pumpkins, the apple pies and the ornament making. Even when I inevitably cook the turkey upside down (which is all the rage, now), leave the giblets in the neck while baking, hang Christmas lights like a 2 year old, want to drop to the floor at the end of the day and yell at everyone to pay attention to the Macy's parade until it's over. This is the time when I purposefully set aside moments of sweet memories. When I purposefully cherish the crazy that happens daily. And when I most purposefully, steal time to treat my husband and I to mini-vacations for our birthdays.
This is the twinkle that shines on for me each day as Christmas approaches.
It is the most beautiful reminder that without Christ's birth, this life and the star that lights my heart and leads me each year to worship at the manager is the reason for all of these beautiful moments in time.
So no  matter when you decide to put up a tree, or play your music...
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What's a busy momma to do?

Not writing for a year has made me realize how much I forget. This blog has been a reminder of our life as a family and I'm so thankful I used to keep it up. I have been reading it tonight and realized with a little panic, that an entire year has passed with no new entries. So what's a busy momma to do?? I have no idea. But I will do my best!

One of the most important things about this blog, is the beautiful picture it paints of our journey as a family. I cherish each entry, even the silly and short ones. So here goes..to another year of blogging.

A funny from Cozette:
Cozy: Mom did God make our whole bodies?
Me: Yes
Cozy: He didn't do a very good job
Me: He didn't? Why not?
Cozy: He didn't do a good job on our bottoms.
Me: Oh....what's wrong with our bottoms?
Cozy: There's a crack in them. (straight face)
Me: Laughing hysterically
My little thinker. Wonder she'll think of next.
Last Saturday was Noah's birthday....11 years old! He is such an amazing person. I watch him amazement as he navigates through life. He handles most things with ease and confidence. He is helpful, compassionate and incredibly handsome. Each day he amazes me and I am so excited to see who he becomes as he grows.
 A fun filled day of friends and movies and Minecraft!

Oh How I love my boys!

Some Zombie fun!

I found this picture I can't believe how much Braxtyn and Quinn look alike:
They are so alike! I cringe when I think of how many years it took Braxtyn to learn not to get into things...and Quinn is just as curious. Love my girls!