...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Friday, March 28, 2008


Bubbles are so fun!

Spring is definitely here, my nose tells me so....I hate allergies and colds! I do love the weather though. My poor Graham, is plagued with the worst allergies ever this year! Worst of all these little spells of runny noses keeps us farther and farther away from my new little niece! I'm sure she'll grow to be cute toddler and then maybe I can hold her again!!! (J/J)

Braxtyn funny - "I know want this" this is her favorite line for anything she doesn't want to eat or do. She is a very determined little thing and I'm still trying to figure out how to win battles with her. And there are a lot of battles these days. She has an opinion on everything and anything and demands it goes her way. I absolutely love her precious voice and how much she loves her daddy.
Noah will be starting baseball in April, he is so excited! We are too, I can't wait to see him get involved in something he truly loves.

Graham is my boy with a heart for prayer tonight I think this was how it went, and when you read this put lots emphasis on the Thank You God part!

Thank you God for the whole world
Thank you God for the horses and the animals
Thank you God for the grass that feeds all the horses
Thank you God for the all our clothes

Thank you God for everything in this whole world
Thank you God for the wild mustangs
Thank you God for the grass to feed the wild mustangs
Thank you for our food

He is certainly a kid with a heart for animals and the Lord!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Esater Day 2008

Fun and games
Alyssa and Graham doing the 3-legged race

Group 3 - 5yrs and up

Group 2 - 2yrs-4yrs

Group 1 - toddler egg hunt

Best Buddies

Mommy and Braxtyn

Grandma and Braxtyn

Easter 2008 - Special Dinner

Last year Daniel and I started a tradition with the kids, to have a special passover dinner Saturday night before Easter. We aren't Jewish and I didn't know how to do a true passover dinner, I decided to make some food that would go along with the Easter story eggs. First we talk about Palm Sunday, then we pray together, then Daniel washed the boys feet, and then we had communion together. We then talked about the Crucifixion and so we ate a cross shaped pizza. Next was how Jesus' body was wrapped in linen, so we ate hot dogs wrapped in bread. And lastly, we learned about the tomb, so we ate turnovers with rocks in them, we call them tomb cakes:) It was a very special dinner and the kids loved it! It was so neat to hear them explaining all the Easter eggs that represented the true story of Easter. Then they got to hunt eggs and get their baskets. Both the boys sweetly told us that this was the best Easter ever!

The new coop - phase 1

The new chicken coop is now the big thing at the Suchawee these days. Daniel has until April to get this thing operational so I can order my spring chicks! He's amazing! We thought we could tear down the old coop to the frame work and add to it to make it sturdy and of course predator proof. Well what we didn't know was that the old coop was probably the original building ever built on this property. So the old wood was unusable. So, to start from scratch, Daniel had to completely demolish the old stuff and buy all new materials. So now we call it the Chicken mansion/guest house because we probably could have built a guest house with the money going into the coop! Oh well, it will be a cute addition to the yard:) Here are a few pictures of the mess and new foundation Daniel is putting in.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Doni made me do it! And I'm glad

This is a long time in coming, almost 2 years now. I finally put all the pictures Doni took of Braxtyn and the boys when she was first born on my computer!! I was looking at her website with envy and finally did something about it! So here are a few of my favorites, my little brag book! Thank you Doni!!

graden,spring and a new coop..

Life is crazy and fun at the ranch! Daniel laughs at me when I call our house, "The Ranch". But I like to think of it like that.. Sometimes when I have to get up early and feed animals, it does feel a little like a working ranch. I know why he laughs, mainly because, other than the horses, our "ranch animals" are just our little pets. However, my goats have come in useful to eat the weeds out of my garden. Speaking of gardens, its a very good thing we don't live in the olden days! I can't get anything to grow past a sprout before a ground squirrel, bird or Bunnie eats it!! I had a beautiful patch of lettuce just about ready to eat, and the ground squirrels had it for dinner! This garden has been my project for the past 4 months and I am really getting frustrated! I have worked the ground, mulched, planted and rejoiced in the sprouts popping up everywhere! And then to have my peas, lettuce, carrots and now zucchini eaten is very sad! I haven't given up yet, I'm still trying my best to keep the critters out! I won't tell you how Daniel is going about it!
Spring is happening here and its beautiful, I wish you all would come out for a picnic.. flowers are everywhere and the roses will start blooming this week or next. Normally I would have baby chicks running around but you know that story...so Daniel is busy tearing down the old chicken coop and we are rebuilding a new one, with a built in coyote trap and re-enforced wiring!
See, its kinda like a ranch!!