...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

We are Back!

New York was as wonderful as I ever thought it would be! What an adventure! To start, we had to land in Baltimore instead of Laguardia airport in N.Y. due to bad weather. Little known to use we would be at the Baltimore airport until 2:00am waiting for a bus; that were not sure ever showed up! We got together with a couple business guys and bartered with a taxi driver to take us 4 hours back to our hotels. That was a long ride, but we finally arrived at the Waldorf Astoria hotel at 5:00am Monday morning! The hotel was absolute luxury. I've never stayed in a hotel like that before and now I'm spoiled! White robes, down pillows, satin sheets, it was amazing! We got a couple hours sleep and met up with our friends, Derek and Amy Roberts, their hotel was just across form ours and they had free breakfasts for us! (things were looking up!)
Amy and I in front of Rockefeller Center
Daniel and I in Bryant Park
We then set out on our sightseeing. On our first day we walked from 9:00am to 4:00pm across uptown Manhattan. We saw, St. Patrick's church, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music hall, The NBC building, Macy's, Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, Times Square, Toy's R Us (it had a Farris wheel inside it!), and the Empire State Building. We then hopped on the subway and went to Greenwich Village and had dinner at this Jazz club and listened to live jazz while eating great steaks. Needless to say, we were exhausted!

Daniel and I inside the Statue of Liberty, in front of the original torch
Tuesday, we woke up early to catch the ferry to Liberty Island to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There was so much security to see her we had to stand in line for two hours and go through two security gates! Although after climbing after 156 stairs inside the statue it was well worth the view and the opportunity. we then headed back to Manhattan and went to Central Park, it was so beautiful and covered in snow. We took a horse drawn carriage ride through the park right at sunset. Yes, I ask Daniel to marry me LOL! It seemed the right moment!

After our romantic carriage ride we headed to 5th Ave., its the most expensive shopping in town. Prada, Tiffany's, and such. Yes, of course I went into Tiffany's all three floors! It was amazing! We went to FAO Schwartz, its the biggest toy store I've ever seen. Its the one that has the big piano that Tom Hanks played on in the movie Big. Amy, played it. I was wearing like three pairs of sock and uggs, so I didn't want to remove all that to play! That cold weather put a damper on trying on clothes too! Anyways, we then headed to the American Doll store. And yes, we bought the girls American Dolls! So that was Tuesday and then Derek and Amy had to go back to N. Carolina. Daniel and I had room service for fun, and I guess a $60.00 hamburger and fries is better than a $5 one. LOL! Wed. was my Birthday so we decided to take a subway and just explore the upper East Village and Soho, and yes we got lost and ended up in a very bad part of town...not a good idea in the city. But we found our way and did some shopping. We were Christmas shopping for each other there. When we made it back to the hotel it was time to get ready for Phantom of the Opera. It had started to rain and was about 20 degrees and I was wearing a dress, so we decided to take a cab instead of walk the 5 blocks. But instead we ended up in one of those rickshaws puled by a bike!!! I thought we would die for sure, they are the craziest drivers. But we made it and had time for a quick dinner before the show. The Majestic theatre was beautiful. It was very old and ornate and made the show that much better! So, that concludes our amazing big city adventure! We flew home without incident and our homecoming with the kids was perfect. They missed us, but didn't realize it until we came home! Thank you Papa and Sweetie!

a Night at R.C.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Love Jaime!

Can I just say I love Jaime Haggard! She watched the kids the other night. We felt very privileged that she is still willing to do this because Noah, Graham and Braxtyn Loooove her! But the other night I guess they had a photo shoot because as I was loading pics onto my computer and these are what came up! No wonder they love her!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New York New York!

Its almost time! Daniel and I leave for New York on Sunday, December 16th! I am actually feeling a little anxious about leaving the kids for 5 days, its so hard to be away from them. However, I can't believe we are actually getting to do this trip, its been a lifelong dream for me to go there. We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria in downtown Manhattan, we are seeing the statue of liberty, all the tourist attractions we can fit into three days and on our last night there (my birthday), we are seeing Phantom of the Opera!!! I am not usually a trip planner. I find a destination, get on a plane without a plan, except to enjoy whatever comes my way:). This trip has been a little different for me however, Daniel and I have so many things we want to see that I'm actually putting together a book on printed out destinations and tourist attractions! This is a big step for me! I even purchased all my show and tour tickets weeks ago...what have I become! Well I don't think I've really changed, I just think this type of trip into the Big Apple requires a little research. Ok, I have to admit, although I feel very prepared, the rush and anticipation of having no plan is kinda missing, but I do believe New York will make up for that. My sister and Bff are probably rolling there eyes right now:) See you do rub off on me sometimes:)

So as I sit here with my NY City guide and various restaurant print outs (yes, so I can make reservations) I am giddy with excitement, hoping I will re-live scenes from Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail and Serendipity. Except, I'm going there with the Love of my life, not in search of him.

If you see my kids next week please tell them I miss them and will see them soon!

New York, here we come!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

News from Kenya!

I love to share news about Kenya! Jonah, who is Graham's age is starting school this year! He received new clothes and shoes, shoes are very important in Africa. Shoes are a sign of wealth and are cherished more than clothes. Actually young boys will polish their shoes each night to make sure they look brand new every day. This of course, I totally get, being a shoe lover myself:) Also, Jonah had a baby brother named Brian. He is healthy and doing great, he is the youngest of seven. Jonah's family, the Lotere's are working side by side with The Jamisons (the American Missionarys) on building new church plants in Kitale, Kenya. Please pray for the Lotere family as they do the Lord's work in Kenya amongst such hardships. Please also pray for Brian and Heather Jamison.

Tired of confessing my worry about worry..

I have finally finished Christmas shopping! Tonight, Daniel and I had Jaime babysit while we ran all over town making returns and buying things. I started to get a little stressed, its so hard to pick out the perfect gifts for everyone. I'm not stressed over the money really or the time, the wrapping, its more an inner feeling of excursiveness. I love having a big family and we do draw names, so I'm not buying for each person, however, 26 presents, not including the 12 purchased for the kids (3 from us and 1 from Santa x3) later.... It feels like so much. I actually really love shopping for each person and trying to think of the perfect gifts, I even love the wrapping and putting them under the tree. I listen to Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving to New Years, so I'm no humbug! I just can't help but wonder if this gift giving starts to teach our children that we have to have a lot of money to enjoy Christmas, that just celebrating Jesus isn't enough. Noah couldn't even think of anything to ask for for Christmas! Are we raising kids who have need for nothing, who have it all, who don't know the true feeling of desiring something? I remember wanting a huge doll house so badly. We couldn't afford those things, so I made a dollhouse out of cardboard boxes. I thought this was the best doll house ever! I was thinking about a story that I'd heard about people who lived through the depression. They used to make these Christmas cards that were ornately decorated and pass them out. That was their gift to each other. Those cards have been saved and passed on through generations, to remember that time. I don't think my kids are gong to pass down their Power Rangers, or video games, or barbies. I don't think there is anything wrong with gift giving, like I said before, I love to do it. But what are we passing down that we will cherish enough to pass form generation to generation? I'm not so vain as to think my sweet smile and kindness is enough, I think its the sacrificial gifts that are what matter. Think of the lady at the Temple, who gave her only and last coins to the Lord, in comparison to the rich, it was nothing. But her sacrifice, her giving heart was what the Lord cherished. I want my children to learn to give gifts of their hearts. I'm not sure how to teach that. And I hope I don't look back on these abundant Christmases and wish I'd done something different. I'm thankful we can share the gifts with each other, but I want to pass on a special treasured gift that comes from the heart that it is passed down through generations. I'll have to ponder that for next year... Who knows making cards may be all we can do next year. God gives and he takes.

This year has been reflective for me in many aspects, as I've studied the books of Job and Romans. And although I've fought God along the way about change and loss, I've finally released it to Him (well today I'm feeling pretty good about it:)). And you wouldn't believe the stress relief! So I suppose, as I come full circle, being stressed about a lot of giving is just as bad as being stressed about not having enough. DO I always have to find something to complain about??? It is just as easy to sin with worry when everything is going great, as it is to sin with worry when it all falls apart. So as Christmas approaches and excursiveness begins, I will enter it with a thank full heart and joy, knowing that God gave an abundance this year! And then, when things get hard, my children will learn ( a lot faster then me, I'm sure) that God gives an abundance in that time as well. And about giving something that is so important that it will be passed down from generation to generation...well, God already did that. Didn't he?? I guess one less thing to worry about, see what I mean, STRESS RELIEF!:) Posting this to the public is probably stupid, but sometimes it helps to dump my thoughts, read it back and then realize, I am seriously not perfect!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Beard for your Head?

Tonight, Graham was sitting with Daniel on the couch playing; when Graham noticed Daniel's beard. Graham asked if he could have one too. So Daniel told him to grow one tonight and they'd check in the morning to see if he had one. And Graham then told Daniel that he should grow a beard on his head and they could check in the morning to see if he had one!! I can't stop laughing about this one. I'm so thankfull for blogging, how else could we afford such entertainment!

Tree House membership

Noah and Graham are building a tree house in a mesquite tree outside. Daily they go outside and place boards and small pieces of wood along the tree, its quite the laborious adventure! At dinner the other night Noah was telling us about his tree fort and that Graham and him were working hard. Daniel asked if he could join the club and if it cost anything. Noah thought for a moment, a Morris look crossed his little features and he replied, " Its $99 dollars to join". So Daniel says, "well do you and Graham have to pay?" " That's a high price"! And Noah says, " Well dad, Graham and I are the builders and the owners, so we own the place". I was also informed this was a boys only club, unless mommies want to bring the boys food. Nice..

Potty Time

I guess I'm a gluten for punishment, but I've been wanting to use cloth diapers since Graham was born and never really git into it. It seemed so complicated and expensive. But after talking to my girlfriend Jannika, I decided to go for it. So Braxtyn is wearing cloth and actually I love it! Its a little more laundry, yuck! But I never run out of diapers and its actually cheaper, after an initial investment. The only thing I don't want it to clean the dirty ones, so We've been trying potty time. Braxtyn sits on the potty a couple times a day, and amazingly she is learning at 16months! Sometimes I cheat and throw on a disposable if I think she's due for a dirty one....well can you blame me? I couldn't resist taking this picture of her the other day!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Soul Painting

My Dad's sister came over for dinner. This was a big deal because she hasn't been well and hasn't ventured out of her home in quite a while. Actually I was really excited to see her in such a great state of mind after seeing her at my grandfather's funeral about three years ago, I was pretty worried I wouldn't see her again. She has pulled through for the most part and is actually painting again. She really is a talented artist, and as all artist go has her quirkiness that seems to go hand in hand. But tonight at dinner I felt she was back to her old self in many ways and I was very excited to see her new paintings. She has always been an inspiration to me as far as painting goes, so I look forward to her new work. It was odd, as I looked at her paintings..something had definitely changed. Her work was good, not as good as before in my humble opinion. But it was something else, the tone of her work was speaking volumes behind their frames. They were still paintings of horses and landscape, wildlife and far reaching Arizona skies, but there was a glaring difference in each color and hue. My parents were quick to ask her to tell me what they meant, I suppose she had explained to them the drastic differences. She looked at me and said, Brooke will know what they mean. I took this as a compliment, feeling a bit like I was considered an artist in her mind. Being put on the spot I just spurted out what they made me feel. My words were:lonely, desperate,falling, turmoil,and death.You know how sometimes you see something and and you feel it, but when you say it, even if your asked too, you regret it a little? Well I seem to always know that feeling and tonight was no different. To say the least I nailed it on the head and she explained to me she was a different person today than before. I think her paintings were a reflection of her, on the inside as of late. It's rare to see people's insides. ..I'm kind of glad, it was hard to see that and think of her the same way. I think of Jesus, and how he sees our inner most being and how it must hurt Him. And yet he sees us as His perfect creation. He wants us to see ourselves the way He sees us, and instead we seem to dwell onthe lonely,the turmoil and even death. It becomes so clear when I see my aunt this way, that Jesus is the only way to find inner peace and joy. I pray that Christ gives me better eyes to see a person's paintings like He does, to open my eyes to their insides and love them right there. I suppose If I showed you paintings I've done at different times throughout my short and pitiful painting career; you would see a different person in me too. My hope, is that what I portray on the outside, is what I'd put on canvas and that it would be glorifying to God. Well, I can always hope:)

October 19,2007 - Painfully sleeping

Graham has always been one to be a little overdramatic at times. But he's really over done it at bedtime. It starts with the pains all through his body, or normally in his eyebrow or elbow. He just can't sleep with out his one last drink of water because of the chronic sore throat that happens right at bedtime. And now he insists on having his feet massaged! We get him all tucked in and he ask sweetly for us rub his feet. As soon as you touch his feet he places his arms across his chest and closed his eyes. He looks almost asleep as soon as you put your hand on his feet. So I rub his little feet and stare at his angelic little face. Ok, so I'm a sucker, but he looks really cute like that:), but the problem is, that now he knows if you Rush through the massage. So yesterday he's laying there peacefully and as soon as I stop he sits and says, Mom, you forgot my toes, see like this... I just sighed in frustration and before I can grab his toes to finish the message. He lays back down peacefully and keeps his eyes shut the whole way through. Its just so funny that he thinks that the massage will feel its best if he lays there with his eyes closed! A funny thought for a 3 yr. old.

October 12, 2007 - The Devil's Kiss

Tonight Noah and I were discussing Rob and Kat's upcoming wedding. He has been very interested in the whole event and began his usual line of questioning, what we wear, what we eat, when it is, who's going to be there, but tonight he began asking me about the kiss. To back up a little, when he was very little he was watch Shrek, and turned to me and kissed me long and hard on the mouth. I looked at his serious little face and asked what that was about. He replied he was kissing me like Shrek and Fiona. I told him that only married people kiss like that and he was happy with that answer and hasn't tried any long kisses since then; at least I hope:). Anyways, since then he has made mention when he sees that type of affection that they are marrying each other. i have yet to correct him , hoping he'll hang on the that sentiment until he's 30, oh well. ... So today in the car he ask me if Rob was going to kiss Kat for a long time. and if he just put his lips on hers and left them there and that was a marriage kiss. I told him most marriage kisses are long and yes, you just put your lips on the other persons. But it was just for married people, Can't blame me right?? So he says, "Other long kisses are a devil's kiss, right mom?". me: WHAT!, Who told you that?Noah: No one. I just did.Me: What is a devil's kiss?Noah: One thats too long.Me: Too long?Noah: Yep. I laugh and wonder what in the world he is referring too. I then think to use this to my advantage. I'm also wondering where the devil came into this. Its not like we talk about the devil much at home. ...Maybe Adam and Eve...Thinking , thinking...Me: Well Noah, yes, your right a kiss that's too long is not a good idea, especially for you!I was worn out and sweating after that one. Isn't this a little early for all this????Thanks a lot Rob and Kat!

October 10, 2007 - Ladies and God!

Graham and Noah were playing on some boxes today, pretending to be the announcer. When it was Graham's turn he stood up tall and said in a loud clear voice," Ladies and God!". after giggling a little it made me think about how often I think of God, even while playing and make him part of my audience.

Animal Farm
Animals are a big part of our family time...Let me introduce you to our critter family! In the picture above you see our Jake, he is the horse anyone can ride. he's Noah and Braxtyn's favorite. Arlo, is a sorral Q.H. and little more spirited but sweet enough for Graham to ride with mom or dad in the saddle. Our little critters consist of :Bernice - a mini pygmy goatWilbur - a black and white pot bellie pig,BaBa - a mini sheep (1/2 cheviott),Bathsheepa or mugshot - a full size Brittish White sheep,Darla - a black goat,Roxy - Darla's sister, a white goat. And of course our dog, Tucker!

The fight with the Bobcat!

For a month now a bobcat and her cub have been stalking our chickens and ducks. Actually they started with our neigh boors ducks, all six of them in one week! Then they attacked us. We lost 6 chickens in two weeks. Our poor chickens were being so terrorized they quit laying eggs. I tried feeding them more, locking them up in a smaller pen at night, fresh hay. nothing seemed to relax them! I don't blame them, they witnessed two murders, one drowning and one eaten right before their very eyes! Daniel laid out a small trap, but no luck. However, after two weeks of no attacks, life in the chicken pen resumed its usually clucking, crowing and laying. I guess we counted or eggs a little too early...two nights ago my big red rooster was attacked, not eaten, just mauled. He must have tried to fight because they didn't even eat him. I felt so sorry for him, he truly has fought off two hawks and a dog and lived to tell about it. The bobcat was too much for even him. Unfortunately, Daniel had to use the rooster's body as a trap.Again, Daniel constructed a trap door that would snap shut when they got close to the rooster. We were up most the night at every sound we heard and still no Cat. Had my roster died in vain? I had six chickens and two ducks still alive...until last night. I think the cat was proving a point, no trap could stop him! He came in and finished off all six chickens and my two ducks. It has been a dark day at our house and we are on a hunt. We also saw two coyotes in our yard and one was trying to tear a hole in the chicken pen! I don't know why our chickens were so appetizing. But I am not happy about it.

The Tramp

Noah has been very observant these days, so after a brief conversation with our cousin, Aviel, Noah ask me who Aviel's wife is. I told him he doesn't have one. Noah then says, "So, he's a tramp." I couldn't stop laughing, yet wondered where in the world he had gotten that saying. So ask him to explain. And in articulate and thought out, Noah fashion he said, " Well in Lady in the Tramp, the tramp isn't married and he just runs around causing trouble and chasing Lady."
I love you Aviel, but that is funny on so many levels!!!!

The power of prayer!

Graham's not one for bandages or even washing an a wound off, he's a true tough it out kinda guy. But lately he's realized the power of God in his life. A week ago he was feeling poorly and I thought he looked a little better. So I told him so... he looked up at me very serious and said. "Mommy, pray for me". So we did and he said he felt better:) He's very literal so he prays as though there is no way it will not happen. I love this and it reminds me of how God says to have faith like the little children.


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