...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Best cowboy movies ever!

If you are looking for really good cowboy movies for your kids, I have two really good ones! My kids love a good western!
Grand Champion - its about a young boy who raises a calf in Texas and becomes the Grand Champion. He then goes on a big adventure so his prized steer won't be eaten after the championship. It has guest appearances by, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, George Straight, Natalie Maines, and Tuff Heideman (rodeo cowboy). Its super cute!

Horse Crazy - its about a brother and sister and their friend who decide to sneak a ride to Nevada to try and catch wild mustangs. Although their plan is foiled they run into horse thief's and outwit them in a cute but Corney kid adventure.

Anyways, though you might like a few cute and clean movie suggestions!

Deceptively Delicious!

Have you heard of it? Its a book by Jessica Seinfield (Jerry's wife). She introduces new recipes with vegetables mixed into everything. So I went to the store and bought all the veggies we never eat and I am Pureeing like mad! I am going to try most them out on my unsuspecting nieces and nephews on Valentines day. It's my year to host the kid party, thanks to Aimee, we have a date night once per year!!LOL! So what better group to try out Mac and cheese with cauliflower, Pink pancakes with beets, choc late chip cupcakes with pumpkin and yellow squash, and of course chocolate fondue with avocado! I know, sounds digust..ING! I'll have some back up dishes as well, just in case. But I've heard all good things about these recipes and if I can get all 8 of those kids to eat that many veggies in one night without knowing it, I'll be a proud auntie :) I feel so DECEPTIVE!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The talking trees

Graham has a very vivid imagination and I think most of his talking throughout the day is mainly made up stories. We enjoy them and laugh and Noah is sure to point out they are lies! It hasn't stopped him, I think it encourages him actually! For the last few nights, Graham has been asking me if animals can really talk. I told him I'd never heard them, but I used to talk to my animals all the time ( ok, I still do)..anyways, He really wants hear them. He keeps telling me about what Tucker (our dog) and Wilbur (the pig) are saying. Mostly it concerns their food and how they want more, but is pretty cute. Today he told me he heard the trees talking. A little too much Narnia? I don't know, but he has been convinced all day that the trees outside his window keep talking to him and are keeping him up all night. He doesn't seem frightened, even though they are apparently telling him they want to eat him!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Zandi's a girl, Freckles, and letters

Noah is growing up! I hate to admit it, but he's just such a little man. Starting with his face becoming Daniel's overnight! He is getting these adorable freckles all over his nose. When I think of Daniel in grade school all I see are big eyes and freckles! Secondly, he told me last night, after spending a day with his cousins, that Zandi was acting like a girl! He was pretty shocked and a little disappointed. Somehow he must have missed that she was a girl or he chose to play with her because he refused to believe a girl could keep up with him and Tanner. Well I'm afraid if she wasn't already feeling the push, out of the boy club; she will now. Such a sad day, I remember it well as a tomboy myself... And then lastly, he is wanting to read and write and do school work! He has one more year before 1st grade and yet he just loves reading! I realize you all think I'm crazy for not being just thrilled! But if you had to spell out everything at your dinner table to have a Private conversation with your husband, you would realize the effect this will have on Daniel's and my ability to communicate!! I guess all parents move on to some other way, but darn it I thought we had another year. I still have on ounce of hope, he still says he wants to live with us forever and he doesn't like girls! Well its great now , but I'm guessing at 20 or so we might want to change that! He also said I should have 10 more kids and I looked like I had a little baby in my belly. So who's gonna listen to him??LOL!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Headed to the East Coast again...

Here we go again! The kids and I are headed to North Carolina for a visit with my good friend Amy Roberts, and her three kids. The men are so busy working and hunting we decided to meet up and go crazy together! I'm a little nervous to fly alone with all the kids for a 6 1/2hr. travel day and two planes. But it will definitely be worth it once we get to the coast. Please pray for us as we leave Tuesday. We return Sunday and thankfully Derek Roberts has a work trip planned in Phoenix, so he volunteered to fly home with us. So at least I'll have an extra set of hands on the trip home! Just look at these faces wouldn't you want to sit next to us on a plane for41/2hrs?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Little Piece of the West

Last weekend I was asked to ride with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation. It has been an honor for me to join their riding group for many reasons, but one in particular is very close to my heart. My Grandma Morris was a pioneer of Arizona and spent her life living the western way. My Grandfather and Grandmother, Earl and Evelyn Morris were true pioneers! She and her family arrived in Arizona before it was even a state, on the very first railway that ran through it. They lived in Camp Verde, Scottsdale, Dewey and then ended their journey at the Pioneer home in Prescott, Az. During their eventful stay, my grandmother's brother used to round up wild mustangs around Camelback mountain, while my grandmother rode and trained the high- stepping Tennessee Walkers. Not only did they perform in horse shows around the state, they rode their horses in parades in beautiful silver saddles. I felt so privileged to be a part of that heritage as I sat in a vintage silver saddle and a 1960's original riding suit for a parade downtown. Soon I will actually wear a leather riding outfit that my grandmother wore in an upcoming fashion show at Festival of The West at Rawhide. They will tell her story as I model her outfit! This is why I love living on a ranch with my family, to carry on the tradition of the western spirit. (yeah, yeah, the rodeo queen never dies! LOL)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

From America to Africa...a different kind of Christmas

Our Christmas was so safe, so indulgent, so much food, so many friends and family! What a blessing and joy. What a whirlwind! But what fun! The kids are still climbing out from under all their new toys. I think I was still unloading some of the presents out of the car today! We then went to the mall to redeem gift cards. There is so much for us here and we love it, but I know we take it for granted. I love that my kids don't live in fear, they don't worry about their clothing or if we have food in the house. I wonder, I as I think about our family in Africa, what it must be like. To be a parent of a child that carries such burdens. I just heard from Heather Jamison (you can see her blog below), they are missionary's in Kenya and actually had to go to North Africa to escape tribal wars this Christmas and New Year. They are safe now, but living in a Muslim community. However, they had to leave behind the Adopt a Legacy family's and orphans. Our little Jonah as well. Due to the riots right now caused by political upheaval, the stores and banks have been closed. And here we were today, at the mall of all places (valet parking even...) and families were waiting, waiting for trucks to deliver food so they didn't go hungry. Thankfully God is so good! He allowed the banks closest to our families to open and Representatives of the families were able to get money and supplies to last a while. With such uncertainty it is likely they will have to continue to go through dangerous territory to receive the items they need. Jonah, is one of 7 siblings... I worry about such pitiful things. Our God is so great he can feed the orphans, the widows... the sparrows, all that he created. How then can I become so discontent and worrisome? Our God is an Awesome God! It humbles me when I see His greatness shine through the desperately needy. Pop-culture Goodwill Ambassadors get so much credit these days, and yet no one could have opened the doors that God did this week in Kenya. I am so thankful to live in America, yet I am ashamed at the lack of faith that begins to take root in me living in this land of comfort.
To read more about the upheaval in Ki tale, Kenya please visit www.heatheronthenet.com.
Happy New Year! I hope this year opens all our eyes to the Greatness of God's love.