...Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16 This is the journey of our lives...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sinking My Heart Out

Graham is becoming a singer song writer.. here are the lyrics to his new song: (He told me he is not finished, this is his first start)

Baby Baby Baby
I don't got no money
You steal my money
Baby Baby Baby
(guitar solo)
I don't care about money
I don't care about cactus quills
She's stealing from me, I'm going to prison
I'm sinking out my heart
Hey Baby Baby Baby

Yes, it's sinking out my heart, not singing out my heart.
I asked...

I guess we need some guitar lessons..the solo is not Richie Sambora, but he makes it look good anyways:)

I ask Cozette, how are you?
She says, I two..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Camera down, slow posting...

Ok, it's about time I got back to my family blog efforts. I have been reluctant to post since I cannot find my camera cord to upload pictures. So as it stands I have to visit Walgreen's and and upload photos to a CD and then upload them to my computer. And let me say, how much I enjoy a trip into Walgreen's with my five adorable children. Its kind of like shopping in a grocery store in the middle of Sun City. Those things are not on the top of my list...However, I have much to say so I'll begin and hopefully in the next day or so will have found my cord or visit the above said store.

So we moved into our own place. It worked out beautifully and we now have 2200sq. feet of our very own and a pool! It is not my ideal idea being in the city, but I feel blessed to have all the room and be able to drive about anywhere in10 minutes or less. We are very close to all our family and friends, the park, library and grocery stores. It def. saves time and money.

Our journey continues to amaze and sometimes frustrate me...this year has been a circus. 5months to and back from North Carolina, 5 months with my parents, add in pregnancy and baby #5 and you've got yourself a three ring circus. There are many things I wish I would have done different, none of them having to do with not moving. I'm thankful for the moves physically and spiritually this year. The #1 thing I wish I'd done and continue to hope I'll one day grasp...is being relaxed in the knowledge that God's got this, I don't have to juggle it. And whatever I think I'm juggling isn't the real deal anyways. Basically, I don't control what I think I control.

We are still muddling through the newness of yet another home and a new precious addition. We are enjoying our family time so much and cling to the moments we all get to just enjoy our time together. We welcomed a sweet new nephew to our lives and I am enjoying close friendships that have encouraged me in so many ways. Our close connection to family has brought us through so much this year. So in a nutshell we continue to grow and learn in the this journey and are excited to see what's next.

Noah and Graham have joined an archery team and will be competing this year. They are very excited and so is daddy and uncle Josh. New archery hunters up and coming!

Noah is starting 3rd grade and is reading so well. He devours mystery books daily! He is not so excited to start school but will enjoy PE and archery I'm sure.

Graham is starting 1st grade. He enjoys studies on history and anything western. He has been halter showing his horse Gunny and winning many blue ribbons.

Braxtyn is now enrolled in gymnastics, she is loving it. Her class has 5 other students and Braxtyn is a head shorter and full of energy! She will be starting Kindergarten this year. She is very excited to do school with her brothers.

Cozette is a very sweet 2 year old. She is her name sake and enjoys cuddling and taking care of everyone. However, she can hold her own around here and makes her presence known! She will be doing some pre-school this year. She loves her new baby Quinn. She is very attentive and hears the baby cry before I do!

Quinn is 9 weeks old. She is beautiful like her other two sisters. She is very easy going and is sleeping pretty good through the night. She has acid reflux like Cozy did, so she's on some meds for it, she also seems to be lactose intolerant. I've quit all dairy and the rash on her face cleared up immediately. So we'll see how that goes.

I have been preparing for the new school year. I love having a school room to decorate and prepare!